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Concept & Design

Colorado Tech Shop is here to help turn your great idea into reality. Whether you need to start from scratch or just some redesign and fine tuning, CTS strives to ensure your product starts out right the first time meaning lower cost, higher quality and reliability and best of all, greater customer satisfaction.

IT services

Whether you have a one-time project or ongoing customer needs, Colorado Tech Shop will configure or reconfigure your hardware, update software, kit with accessories, buy and stock, warehouse, distribute, coordinate product registrations and handle warranty returns and repairs. Centrally located near Denver, CO, with maximum 4 day shipping country-wide, we currently support a key customer providing guest computers at major hotel chains such as Westin Hotels and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts.


  • Stock
  • Warehouse
  • Distribute
  • Service
  • Software/Hardware upgrades
  • Warranty repair

Manufacturing & Assembly

With state of the art Surface Mount (SMT), Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Pin Thru-Hole (PTH) capabilities, Colorado Tech Shop has an enviable record for quality and customer satisfaction. Small batch or high volume, Colorado Tech Shop can gear up or scale down to meet your changing needs. Even if you want to customize an off-the-shelf (OTS) product and brand it your own, we can help with that.


  • Network Security Appliances
  • Standard Products
  • Customize / Branding OTS Standard Products
  • Distribution to Customers Available
  • Retail Ready for Your Customers
  • Assembly – Procure to Branding to Shipping
  • Rework / Rebuild
  • Testing / Integration / Tracking


CTS can package, warehouse and ship to end users or your wholesale distribution partners. Centrally located near Denver, CO, your product is never more than four business days from anywhere in the continental United States or a week to Canada.

Let our experienced team handle your shipping, returns and warranty service and take the guesswork out of your logistics!

Warranty Services

We stand for quality but we all know that from time to time, something could go wrong. Let Colorado Tech Shop take the stress out of warranty returns. We can help your customers register their product, handle any returns, offer repair and/or replacement services and with accurate record keeping and reporting, you’ll know just how great CTS can be.

Just another way that Colorado Tech Shop can be your partner for the entire life cycle of your product, from concept to fulfillment, and beyond.

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